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Yesterday's charm. Tomorrow's technology. Today's solution. Experience the Rayvolt Cruzer — easily the most elegant E-Bike on the road today.


Timeless design. Highest quality.

Whether you're socialising or commuting, you know that style is just as important as energy efficiency. The Cruzer's vintage design combines with innovative green technology, resulting in a timeless lifestyle accessory. The Rayvolt Cruzer is available in Clockwork Orange, British Green and Gun Metal Grey.

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Rayvolt Ambassador / NeoClassic Spirit

Rayvolt Torino / The Muscle E-Bike


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Performance. art.

Outstanding design meets high technology to create the most desired E-Bike on the road... whether you're in Paris, France, or Parys, Free State.


Motor — Unmatched riding comfort.
Our brushless 3 phase DC motor comprises of 48 different copper coils.

Batteries — Best possible performance with maximum safety.
At peak voltage, a full charge of 54.6V gives incredible power. This gives an unmatched capacity of 550Wh and 1100Wh - compared to industry standards of 300 to 360Wh.

Brakes — Safe and Secure with our Intelligent Regenerative Brake System.
The Cruzer's regenerative braking acts like an ultra powerful dynamo when the levers are pulled.

EIVA® (Optional) — Your onboard intelligent assistant.
Stay on top of everything on your Cruzer, whether it's technical performance, your location or even your music and entertainment.

Accessories — Original additions to your experience.
Beautifully designed helmets and matching rear packs make your Cruzer experience complete.


The ‘Cruzer’ combines solar power, and intelligent energy recovery, with a 100% sustainable manufacturing process.
— Designboom

Having an electric bike that turns heads and sparks conversations about these electric beauties can be a useful tool in the transition to a lower-carbon transportation system.
— Treehugger Blog

The Rayvolt Cruzer certainly comes in setting the bar very high.
— Clean Technica Magazine
Surprisingly, the Cruzer doesn’t have an overly high price tag when compared to other ebikes — about half the cost of some other retro-styled ebikes we have seen.
— Digital Trends Magazine