How fast can the Cruzer go?

There are a couple of options and accessories to consider if speed is a key requirement. Configured with a Smart Hub, a Rayvolt can travel at 30-40 km/h on flat terrain without any pedal input. If you go with the more powerful Power Hub, a Rayvolt can travel at 35-45km/h on flat terrain without any pedal input. Unsurprisingly, the rider's weight will dictate the maximum top speed of the Cruzer.


What type of distance can I expect to do with the Cruzer?

Similar to the Cruzer's speed, a combination of configuration, rider weight and terrain will influence how far you can go. Configured with a Smart Hub and single battery a Cruzer can travel between 30-60km depending on rider weight, level of pedal input, terrain and function of the Cruzer's lighting system. With a dual battery configuration, you can double these distances (60-120km).

While the Power Hub will get you there faster, it will provide a shorter comparative distance on a single battery (25-50km), depending on the same influencing factors. With a dual battery configuration, you can also double these distances (50-100km).


What are the charge times for a Cruzer?

While charging may seem like an initial concern, you are probably likely to charge your Cruzer in between rides. Still, you can select the right accessory to ensure your Cruzer's charging time meets your efficiency needs.

  • A full charge on a Cruzer will take one hour with a Fast Charger.

  • On a Smart Charger it will take up to two and a half hours


Do you offer financing?

We work with, a reputable provider of financing for bicycles, to help you finance your Rayvolt Bike. They offer up to 60 months payment terms and fixed interest rates from 14%. Visit their site today to see how you can finance your Rayvolt Bike.


How long are the warranty periods on a Rayvolt Cruzer and it's parts?

Not only is the Cruzer made from leading technology, top quality materials and engineered to last — we've also ensured that you get adequate coverage in terms of warranty. The Cruzer's warranties are as follows:

  • Frame - Five Years

  • Motor/Battery - Two Years

  • Wheels/Brake - One Year

  • Cover - Five Years

  • Charger - One Year

  • E.I.V.A - One Year

  • Accessories - One Year


What is E.I.V.A?

E.I.V.A is the acronym for your Electronic Intelligent Vehicle Assistant converting your bike into a real smart bike with the dedicated Rayvolt computer or simply with the E.I.V.A APP on your smartphone. 


What guarantee does the bike come with?

We aim to provide you with all the assurance you need to enjoy the Rayvolt lifestyle. Each bike comes with the following guarantees:

  • Frame: Lifetime

  • Motor: 2 years

  • Rest of components: 1 year


Can I use my Rayvolt bike in the rain or water?

Yes you can - without problems. We’ve ensured that bike wires and covers are waterproof. Covers leather are waterproof and the battery is well protected inside battery cover. We still recommend that you always make use of a good put bike cover (we can provide that to you too). The saddle has been made using real leather and such the colour may change over time.


Is it real leather? How do I keep it beautiful?

Everything is real leather (saddle, front and rear bags) except for the bike covers (e.g. over the mud guard) - for these instances we’ve used “vegan leather” to ensure greater resistance to the elements and a more durable bike, without losing any aesthetic quality.


Can I adjust the seat?

Yes, you can. The docking of the saddle has a horizontal rail that allows you to move the saddle upwards (forward) and downwards (backward). This makes it more convenient for you to hold the handles, depending on your height.


What maintenance will be required?

The Rayvolt Cruzer is a bicycle, so you can expect similar maintenance as you would for a normal bike.


How many charge cycles does the battery last?

We’re currently using Samsung Li-ion cells. They are high quality that can do 1,000 charge cycles before seeing any degradation in performance. We also recommend the following to maintain a good battery health:

  • Charge at least battery once every 3 months

  • Store your bike (and battery) in modest weather conditions (no extreme weather conditions)


Are the tyres tubeless?

Tyres consist of inner air tubes.


Is the helmet safe to use, or is it just for style/fashion?

Our helmets conform to EU safety regulations, so you can look good and feel safe!


Can I lock the back wheel with the app as an anti-theft measure?

Yes, you can, your bikes already are programed to work with that function. You can use the app to enable it by going to the Settings function.